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How to Make Money Online

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Posted 17th October 2013 at 06:41 PM by shawnlebrun

So, I've been doing this online gig for almost 14 years now.

And like most on this forum, I've had my shares of ups and downs... I've been beaten down but continued to get back up, time and time again.

And if there's a few things I can share with you, that have helped me... it's these 3 things....

1. Just do something... take action often. I'll be honest... what separates most of the successful and not-so-successful... is simply action.

Those who succeed and make money online, they take a lot of action... continuously.

In fact, speed to market and just always taking action towards your goals will often help you beat out the competition who doesn't have that drive.

2. Never give up.

Sh*t, I've been beaten down quite a few times since 2001. I won't mention the time I lost over $50,000 in a month... or the time I accidentally put a Google ad on the website... only to come home one night and realize i had just spent over $3,000 in one night, and not one sale from it.

But all through this, I just refused to give up. Quitting was never an option. I mean, I'm a pretty smart guy, so I had options to fall back on. But I just felt like this online thing was "my gig" and after a lifetime of always searching for my passion... I found it online.

so, I simply refused to give up. Ever. and that's kept me going.

3. Here's probably the most important piece of advice I can give you.

Don't chase money. Just try and add value to as many other people as you can.

If you want to make more money... add more value to more peoples' lives.

Money is nothing more than the transfer of value. I mean, it's paper.

What it represents is the transfer of value.

so if you want to make more money online, just add more value to more people.

that means stop chasing and looking for the "get rich quick" scheme or latest money-making biz opp.

Unless its adding massive value to other peoples' lives... you won't make any money from it.

Look, there's simply no other legal and ethical way to make a ton of money other than adding a ton of value to more people.

Lottery? well, when you buy a ticket, you're still adding value because you're contributing to the pot.

Once you start searching for ways to add more value to more peoples' lives... you will start learning how to make a lot of money.

if you don't make the kind of money you want, chances are you're not adding enough value to enough people.

now, there may be technicalities involved.

in other words, you may have a tremendous product that adds a ton of value to a lot of people... but maybe you don't get much traffic, or your website sales letter doesn't do a good job at relating that value.

I can usually find out how much money someone is making, simply by looking at their website.

It's not an exact science... but here's how.

I check out the product first and see if it adds value to other people, i.e., does it solve a problem.

then, does the sales letter do a good job at persuading people to invest.

and finally, i'll check alexa to see if they're getting traffic.

Again, nothing scientific and definitely not an exact way.

but again, logistically.... it's all about adding value.

That's why getting traffic is so important, so more people can SEE that value you offer.

That's why copy is so important... so you can properly relate the value you're offering.

So, if you want to start making more money... simply take action, never quit, and try to add as much value to others as you can.

do that, and you'll never chase after "get rich quick" again because you won't have to.
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