Top 5 WSOs of the Week

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Greetings Warriors!

Welcome to this another edition of Top 5 WSOs of the week! We discuss another set of new, fresh and upcoming WSOs for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All reviews made are solely based on my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts and insights of the Warrior Forum Team. This article does not in any way promote or advertise any of the WSOs
If you missed out on the previous articles - don't fret as I got you covered. Please refer to the following links if you want to backread.

1. Razvan's How to create a Shopify Store (March 2018)

A valuable resource for those starting in Shopify. A lot of stuff going on in this $15 product. Mus have for those aspiring to tap into Shopify potential

2. MeelisM's AirDrop Hunter (March 2018)

Another tool for those cryptocurrency lovers out there. A really comprehensive guide for those interested in tapping into cryptocurrencies.

3. Paul's Hardcore Automated Profits (Feb 2018)

Neat presentation and very straightforward. Paul has done a masterful job in presenting his automation and do it for yourself websites in the simplest manner as possible.

4. Tony's UnrEmail: Affiliate Marketing On The Fly (March 2018)

Fantastic product from Tony. and for 6$, this is a steal. If you need something that can help you drive traffic to your site, you need to get this one.

5. Milksheik's Liltoo Package (March 2018)

Very solid offer for those who are looking for a tool to automate or outsource their traffic. If you're looking to monetize something from web hosting and such, this is for you.

Thanks and see you all next week!

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